SKITTLES, STARBURST, LIFE SAVERS Gummy & HUBBA BUBBA Bulk Halloween Candy Assortment - 19.34oz/85ct

Trick or treat. It's almost that time of year again, when all the neighborhood ghosts and ghouls start haunting your doorstep. It's time for parties and costumes, haunted houses and scary movies. But, most of all, it's time for Halloween candy. This nut free Halloween variety pack includes four candy favorites: SKITTLES and STARBURST chewy candy, LIFE SAVERS Big Ring Gummy candy and, HUBBA BUBBA Bubble chewing gum. So prepare your home for the Halloween fun to come by stocking up on your favorite candy treats. If you DO end up with leftovers, connect with us for somes inspiring ways to craft with chewy and gummy candy.