Clyde's Chocolate Iced Bavarian Creme Paczki - 6 CT

Clyde's® Chocolate Iced Bavarian Creame Paczki. Delicious donuts since 1920. Celebrating 90 years! Celebrate with Paczki. "Poonch-key". It's not just another jelly donut! Fat Tuesday is Paczki day. People may not agree on how to pronounce them, but all are gathering to gobble up Paczki on fat Tuesday, the day before ash Wednesday. Emigrates of Poland pronounce them "Pooch-key" or "Punch-key" or even "Poonch-ket", all are correct. Originally, Paczki, which means "little package" in polish, were made to use up some of the foods prohibited during lent. Today, we enjoy them as a delicious "once a year" treat. Make our Paczkis part of your family's traditions! Each country call it something different. In Germany, it's a Berliner. In Austria, it's a Krapfen. In Romania, it's called Gogosi. In Ukraine, they call it a Pampushky. In Pennsylvania Dutch country, it's called a Fastnacht. And in Hawaii, Portuguese immigrants call it a Malasada. What does your family call it