Nonnis Panetini Oven Baked Italian Toast, Roasted Garlic

Authentic Italian family recipe. For snacking with cheese, salad or Bruschetta. Inspired by the artisan breads of Italy's Tuscany region, Nonni's Panetini is the perfect marriage of Italian tradition and contemporary elegance. Nonni's Panetini is a crisp, twice-baked toast made with Semolina and the finest bread flour, topped with exquisite herbs and seasonings. Nonni's Panetini is ideal for Bruschetta, an Italian toast drizzled with olive oil, often served with roasted garlic and fresh chopped tomatoes. Bruschetta, from the Italian word bruscare, meaning to roast over coals, was originally eaten by those working in the olive groves, and has since become an Italian lunch-time favorite. This Italian toast is as much a part of Tuscany as the olive trees that grace this region. Nonni's Panetini is exceptional on its own or as the perfect complement to salads, spreads, soups cheeses, and hor d'oeuvres. Nonni is an endearing Italian term for grandmother. Our Nonni grew up in the little town of Lucca, in the Tuscany region of Italy. She brought her recipes to America to be enjoyed by friends and family. With that same care and uncompromising quality, we have created Nonni's Panetini, an elegant toast rich in taste and Italian tradition. Roasted Garlic - Real roasted garlic gives these toasts rich flavor that is perfect alone or with seafood spreads and Bruschetta.