KA-ME All Natural Peanut Satay

Ka-Me® All Natural Peanut Satay. Heat & serve. Ready in 2 minutes. Hokkien noodles with spicy peanut sauce, peanuts & bamboo shoots. Celebrating the tastes of Asia. KA-ME means turtle in Japanese, and is a symbol of the permanence of traditions in our approach to Asian food. For over 30 years, we've explored the cuisines of Asia, seeking authentic foods and seasonings from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. KA-ME is honored to offer a complete line of snacks, ingredients and ready-to-eat products, selected from the finest ingredients and recipes that Asia has to offer. Try all our KA-ME noodle and rice boxes. Fresh-packed noodles and ready-to-eat rice with delicious, authentic sauces and fresh vegetables, right in the sauce. KA-ME products meet or exceed all US regulatory requirements. Find recipes and learn more about authentic KA-ME Asian foods at kame.com. Authentic Malaysian recipe. Considered the crossroads of the far east, Malaysia assimilated cultures and cuisines from China, India, Thailand and the middle east. Peanut satay, Malaysia's signature dish, delicately blends exotic spices, coconut milk, tamarind fruit and crunchy peanuts into a robust sauce for Hokkien noodles. Served as everyday fare throughout Southeast Asia, Hokkien noodles, originally from China, are perfect for any stir-fry. ©2009 Panos Brands.