Snuggle Plus SuperFresh Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets with Static Control and Odor Eliminating Technology, Original, 200 Count

Snuggle Plus SuperFresh fabric conditioner dryer sheets don’t just mask tough odor, they help eliminate it and provide long-lasting freshness! Enjoy the Snuggle benefits you love like static control and lint prevention plus specially formulated odor eliminating technology that attacks tough odors like body, pet, active, damp and outdoor odors. Winner of the 2017 Product of the Year award, Original is our first scent in the our line of odor fighting variants. Try our odor fighting regimen use SuperFresh Original liquid fabric softener, Snuggle Scent Shakes SuperFresh Original, and SuperFresh Original dryer sheets. Place the sheet on top of wet clothes and start the dryer cycle as usual. Discard after use. Safe for standard and high efficiency (HE) dryers. This package includes one box of 200 Snuggle Plus SuperFresh Original dryer sheets, enough for 200 loads.