Kellogg's Special K Protein Shakes, Rich Chocolate, 40 oz, 4 Count

Drink up and push on with delicious, convenient Kellogg's Special K Protein Shakes. Includes 4, 10 fluid ounce bottles of creamy, Rich Chocolate flavored protein shakes made to delight taste buds with every satisfying sip. Each serving provides 15g protein (30% of daily value), 5g fiber (5g total fat per bottle), a good source of 23 vitamins and minerals, and is gluten free. Simply chill this refreshing beverage and it's ready to enjoy; grab one on your way to work, school or fitness class as a meal replacement or sippable snack. Special K Shakes are a simple step towards maintaining a feel-good routine, even when life gets really busy. Want an easy way to help bring energy to your morning, noon or night? Get your hands on Kellogg's Special K Rich Chocolate Protein Shakes, a nutritious and delicious addition to any balanced diet.