McCormick Gourmet Fine Global Selects Himalayan Pink Salt, 3.4 oz

These fine pink salt crystals will add a burst of color and flavor to all your favorite dishes. A little goes a long way when garnishing with this crisp, crunchy seasoning. Sprinkle a pinch on steaks, salads and vegetables. The fine pink salt is also great for dipping the rim of your cocktail glass. Mined in the depths of the Himalayan mountains near Pakistan, this popular salt gets its pink glow from trace minerals, like magnesium and calcium. The crisp, clean taste complements steak, grilled meats, eggs, salads, vegetables and more. Sprinkle over dishes before bringing to the table for the perfect finishing touch. Dip the rim of cocktail glasses in this pink salt for a beautiful garnish for Margaritas or Bloody Marys.