A.1. Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce, 10 oz. Bottle

Transform your meals with the bold flavors of A1. Our Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce is the perfect complement to burgers, steak, chicken, wings, pork, vegetables and more! With an aromatic and flavorful blend of garlic and chilies, our A1 Sweet Chili Garlic Steak Sauce combines sweet tomatoes, raisin paste, mildly spicy cayenne pepper and red bell pepper with traces of garlic. Use our sweet and tangy sauce as a marinade, brush it on while grilling your preferred protein or pour it on your entrée for a boost of flavor. Ideal as a dipping sauce, you can also try adding our delicious sauce to your family’s recipes. Each 10-ounce glass bottle is resealable . Whether you use it as a sauce or a marinade, A1 adds delicious flavor to all of your family favorites.