Cheerios MultiGrain Cereal

Toasted whole grain oat cereal. Whole grain. 100% Daily value of 10 vitamins & minerals. In a low fat diet, whole grain foods like multigrain Cheerios. May reduce the risk of heart disease. Five whole grains, toasted with a touch of brown sugar. Diets rich in whole-grain foods and other plant foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. Making a wholesome breakfast choice is easy when you choose MultiGrain Cheerios! Morning is your time. The one time of day when you get to take care of yourself. MultiGrain Cheerios lets you do just that with the perfect balance wholesome goodness and great taste. Sure, MultiGrain Cheerios provides 100% of the daily value of 10 essential vitamins and minerals. But the real reason you eat it? It's those tasty little O's. Nutritious and great tasting. A blend of five delicious whole grains: whole-grain oats, golden corn, crispy rice, hearty wheat and barley. Each light and crispy O is toasted with a touch of brown sugar. The great taste of Cheerios! Only 1 gram of fat, no saturated fat, a cholesterol-free food, a good source of fiber.