McCormick Culinary Whole Caraway Seed, 16 oz

With its sweet yet slightly biting flavor, McCormick Culinary Caraway Seeds will transform all kinds of dishes. Often used in Eastern European and Indian cuisine, caraway seeds add earthy notes to everything from rye bread to sausage to sauerkraut. No matter how you use it, customers will crave the pleasantly spicy taste and aroma. Caraway seeds are related to the carrot family and have been a kitchen staple for generations. To ensure this product delivers the seeds' signature vibrant taste in every bite, McCormick Culinary Caraway Seeds undergo careful sourcing and selection for quality. Having whole caraway seeds on hand means you'll always be ready to treat your customers to one of the world's oldest cultivated spices. Crafted to meet culinary professionals' flavor and performance needs, each container of caraway seeds comes with 16 ounces, offering more than enough for high-volume kitchens to make large batches of their most popular recipes. This pantry essential also makes it easier than ever to dispense the perfect amount of caraway seeds for cooking. The lid features shaker and spoon options, so you can use as little or as much as you need. While caraway seeds for bread are a long-standing staple, their bittersweet flavor also adds plenty of warmth and flavor to signature soups, stews, vegetables, noodles and meat recipes. Enhance sides ranging from coleslaw to potatoes with some caraway seeds. You can even use them to create Reuben sandwiches assembled on grilled caraway rye bread with Thousand Island, Swiss and sauerkraut. Caraway seeds also pair perfectly with desserts like spiced seed cakes, scones and cookies. Mix up some soft pretzels baked with sea salt and caraway rye. To really bring out the flavor, you can toast the seeds before adding them to a recipe. McCormick Culinary Caraway Seeds are kosher and vegan.