El Monterey Taquitos Southwest Chicken - 24 CT

El Monterey Taquitos Southwest Chicken. New! Family owned since 1964. In a seasoned batter. Fresh baked tortillas. Good source of protein. 24 taquitos. In two freezer - friendly packages. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. department of agriculture. Family owned since 1964! Since 1964, we've been delighted to make great-tasting Mexican favorites for families like yours across America. In each recipe, we've always remained true to our rich Mexican heritage. We believe you'll taste the difference in every El Monterey product you try. Thank you for inviting us to your table! The Ruiz family. Let's fiesta! Turn your next get-together into a fiesta with a delicious assortment of El Monterey favorites! Visit elmonterey.com for fiesta-style recipes and more! Taquitos. Flour tortillas. Chicken & cheese taquitos. Steak & cheese taquitos. Egg, bacon & cheese breakfast taquitos. Corn tortillas. Beef steak taquitos. Chicken taquitos. Cheesy pepper jack taquitos. Mini chimis. Chicken & cheese mini chimis. Nacho cheese & beef mini chimis in a seasoned batter. Try all of our great-tasting Mexican favorites! Taquitos. Family pack burritos. Supreme burritos. Tamales enchiladas. Mini chimis. Tacos. Visit elmonterey.com for great tasting recipes. Please recycle! We proudly use recyclable materials in our packaging. Recyclable. Paperboard packaging. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1-800-772-6474.