El Monterey Chicken Mexicana, Family Size

Roasted white meat chicken & pasta in a creamy Poblano sauce. Made with real cheese! Microwaveable. A family tradition since 1964. Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. With generous portions of pasta and chicken in a convenient heat-and-serve tray, our Chicken Mexicana makes a delicious and convenient meal for family and friends. We combine large, tender pieces of roasted white meat chicken with tube pasta, mix in a white cream sauce with mild Poblano peppers and top it all with Monterey Jack Cheese and a hint of finely chopped parsley. You'll enjoy a delightful Mexican-style pasta experience that's just right - zesty, but not too spicy. From our family to yours! We believe that El Monterey has become America's best-selling brand of frozen Mexican-style food because we remain true to our family's Mexican heritage. We know what great Mexican-style food is. And we know how to create the flavors American families love. When you try our Family Meals, you'll taste the difference in every bite - from the ingredients we select to the sauces we create that burst with flavor without being too hot. We know you'll be as proud to serve this delicious Mexican-style meal as we are to make it for you.